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femoral neck fracture overview

hip bones

Femoral neck fracture management is a controversial area in orthopedics.  In attempt to simplify this situation, we are going to look at this fracture pattern in two different types of patients.  Then we’ll look at a case example that sits right in the middle of all of the important balancing acts in the management of …

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femoral neck fractures in young patients

femoral neck fracture

Imagine this scenario…a young male patient who is an avid marathon runner who fell while hiking and sustained a fracture of the femoral neck.  He has minimal co-morbid medical conditions, is brought to the hospital within 2 hours of the injury, and he has no other injuries or abnormalities that would preclude him from going …

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femoral neck fractures in elderly patients

preoperative xray inter-trochanteric femur fracture

Now lets imagine this scenario… an elderly patient with multiple co-morbidities who is only able to ambulate independently inside her house.  She fell while at home on the evening before admission to the hospital and was not brought to the hospital until at least 12 hours had passed since the injury.  She takes Coumadin in …

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intertrochanteric femur fractures


One of the most common fracture patterns in the setting of osteoporosis is the inter-trochanteric femur fracture.  This fracture is described as an inter-trochanteric pattern because the fracture lines occur in the area of the femur between the greater and the lesser trochanter.  The most common cause that results in this type of a fracture …

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pelvic fractures — the other side of the joint

pelvic fracture

Here is a common occurrence: an 88 year old woman tripped and fell on a throw rug and was seen in the emergency department.  She complains of left-sided hip pain and has a bruise over the left hip and she can not get out of bed and walk.  The ER physician is puzzled because the …

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