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making the diagnosis


Hip fractures are usually easy to diagnose.  Typically the patient has a fall and can’t walk afterwards.  The pain is most often located in the groin, it is made worse by any attempt at range of motion of the hip, and in certain cases, the leg is obviously in the wrong position.  Emergency medical services …

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should the fracture be fixed?

Should the fracture be fixed? This year, in the United States, approximately 400,000 people over the age of 65 will be admitted to the hospital with a hip fracture.  Often the hardest question for the family to grapple with is whether or not the fracture should be fixed.  In times past, a hip fracture was …

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epidemiology of hip fractures

hip fracture patterns

In 1996, in a journal aptly titled “Bone”, the gloomy prospects for an every increasing number of hip fractures world-wide were detailed in an article entitled “Epidemiology of Hip Fractures”.  2 decades ago, in 1990, there were an estimated 1.66 million broken hips yearly, world wide.  This number is projected to increase to 6.26 million …

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