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82 year old female with an intertrochanteric fracture

anesthesia hip fracture interview

In this example, we are going to follow the course of events as an inter-trochanteric femur fracture is repaired on a Saturday morning.  This patient is an elderly female in her 80′s (remember that > 75% of hip fractures occur in women) and she was admitted to the hospital on a Friday night after falling …

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52 year old male with a fracture of the femoral neck

AP chest xray wide mediastinum

Let’s look at a real live case.  This was a 52 year old male who was vacationing with his wife when he fell down a flight of stairs.  He was brought immediately to the hospital after the injury and arrived within 2 hours of the fall on a Sunday evening at about 8 p.m.  He …

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